About me

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My name is Martin Angers (that’s pronounced like the French city of the same name). I go by mna or some variation of it on most websites. When the .dev craze cooled down in March 2019, I noticed that mna.dev was still available at a reasonable price, and decided that I’d make it my portfolio of sorts, listing my open-source projects, blog posts and stuff.

I’ve been a professional software developer since the mid 90s, working mostly as a Go backend engineer since 2013. I work remotely as a freelancer based in Quebec City, Canada. If you’re interested in my services, you can contact me - I may be available for part-time contracts.

You can find some of my code on github, sourcehut, gitlab and bitbucket, I sometimes answer questions on stackoverflow and although I closed pretty much all my “social” accounts (such as facebook, instagram, snapchat and google+ but then so did you), I still use twitter from time to time (and more recently, mastodon). I like to read hacker news and lobsters though I rarely comment.


As mentioned earlier, I have been programming professionally since 1996, and for fun since I was a kid. I have learned (and forgotten) a wide variety of languages and technologies, including:

I’m quite interested in programming languages in general (obsessed, some would say), and have played with many relatively unknown/alpha- and beta- stages languages such as Inko, Zig, Nit, Nim, etc. I even implemented my own toy programming language (now unmaintained), Agora.


My career can be roughly split in 3 parts:

As a freelancer, I’ve most notably worked with Splice to help build the backend for roughly 6 years (in 2 stints) - including in the very early days when the engineering team was very small -, multiple contracts with Kite over 4 years working on programming language parsers, and since mid-2021 with Fleet.

Personal Projects

In addition to my professional work and my open-source projects (listed on this site), I also have various (sometimes closed-source) personal projects that were started either for fun, to learn or experiment with new technologies, to try to generate some revenue, or a mix of all this:


My significant other and I have two wonderful kids teenagers, a boy and a girl. We also have two cats, which you may see from time to time on my Twitter feed or on some of my profile pictures (though usually this is feu Gribouille, who died in 2018).


I spend a good amount of “hobby” time on programming or computer-related stuff (see open-source and personal projects), but outside of programming and family life, I enjoy a few hobbies: